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Heal Your Story Program is:

Mindset Growth
New Connection

Heal Your Story Community is:

  • Accept that there is no magic pill to heal trauma; it is a journey
  • Enjoy, grow, and dive into new connections
  • Learn cooping tools to grow in your healing
  • Increase your confidence and self-love
  • Take actions that will change your life
  • Step outside of your comfort zone
  • Enhance your positive mindset
  • Be Accountable

The Problem

Trauma has no restriction; executives, influencers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders of all kinds have experienced adverse events. Unfortunately, achievements and success can disguise underlying pain in a way that plagues us and holds control over us.

As a survivor, you have experienced things that have disrupted you living a loving, peaceful, joyous life. Trauma disconnects you from trusting and engaging with yourself, your community, family, career, and future. Often deeply hidden and overtime shaping your belief system, creating struggles in everyday living.

Here in Heal Your Story, we are dedicated to give a set of fresh eyes to the next level of your lives and heal from your past hurt. To help you uncover what you may have spent a lifetime trying to heal, moving you towards greater.

The Solution

Our mission is to support 3,000 men and women to Real Healing. Our members cherish the safe community, encouragement, and support in their healing journey.

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I highly recommend this coaching program with Trauma Coach Felisha Johnson to anyone curious about healing, growth, and self-development. Not only did we discover key changes I could make, but Coach Felisha also helped me understand why I felt unbalanced and identify past wounds that held me stuck and ways to require steps to improve my well-being. I am grateful for this program because Coach Felisha genuinely cares about the person and the goals they want to achieve.

Julianna HCustomer

I came to ……. Coach Felisha with an overwhelmed mind and left with tools to feel more calm, collected, and comfortable on a day today. Through the coaching sessions, I have been ready to get clear on many of the blocks that had me feeling stalled for years without taking action.


Coach Felisha, I never knew I could walk out of depression successfully. It all started after I lost my husband three years ago. I had some terrible moods for over a year, and it gradually developed into constant negative thoughts. At some point, I was having suicidal thoughts and wanted to overdose on some pills. However, your coaching techniques, along with therapy, brought the change I desperately needed. Now, I have moved from suicidal thoughts into a more stable emotional state. Now I’ve enrolled in the full coaching program, and I’m truly grateful for all your works.