Is there something in your past that feels like an open, never-healing wound?

Growing up with a toxic parent, being bullied at school, becoming a survivor of sexual and emotional abuse, or experiencing a tragic event can leave wounds in your soul that don’t heal for years.

Like a physical wound that leads to blood loss and possibly fatal infections, an emotional trauma drains your energy and has the potential to poison your life for years to come. Sometimes you feel like you’re almost over it… but even then a random trigger can send you back into an abyss of emotional pain, guilt, shame, or fear.

Felisha Johnson is here to teach you TEN self-help strategies that will help you start the healing process.

Order My New Book “10 Ways to Begin Healing from Childhood Traumas”

This book will empower you to:

  • Look your trauma in the face and confront it without fear
  • Heal your life’s story with affirmations and mental exercises you can do every day
  • Reconnect with your inner child and let your childhood wounds heal peacefully
  • Say goodbye to the past that haunts you and build a mindset that’s focused on your future


Yes, healing may hurt – just like a physical wound sometimes hurts as it closes. Yes, there may be scars – but treat them with pride, as they are signs of an emotional battle that you fought and won. After reading this book and applying the ten strategies to your life, you’ll feel stronger and more empowered than ever!