Meet Felisha Johnson


Felisha Johnson Is A Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and Creator of Heal Your Story, Which is a Healing Safe Haven That Helps Trauma Survivors, Influencers, and Leaders Transition From Hurtful Experiences To Heal and Live A Life Of Freedom.

Felisha Johnson Is A Catalyst For Hope Using Her Inspiring Story and Training To Deliver A Message Of Motivation, Healing, and Resilience To Overcome Trauma. Felisha Works With Clients From Many Different Backgrounds To Help Them Overcome.

“You have the power to write the rest of your story and create the life you deserve.”

You are meant to Heal!

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Are you ready to take the first steps toward healing your story?

Heal My Story

Survivors of trauma can create the same beautiful and stimulating life as anyone else. But sometimes, while trying to hold it all together, we get lost in trying to find the freedom we so desperately seek. We become fearful of understanding how we can heal, and some give up altogether. As someone taken from their loved ones and placed in foster care, I spiraled into many difficult paths that tested my faith and put me in a wind of uncertainty. From chapters of homelessness, being a teen mother, battling depression and anxiety, I didn’t see a way out, and it was lonely. As I was pushing through the pain, I didn’t understand the impact of trauma I experienced during those times. It wasn’t until later in life that I began to embark on my healing journey and began to see a possible triumph in my trauma.




Coaching vs Therapy



This book will empower you to

Yes, healing may hurt – just like a physical wound sometimes hurts as it closes. Yes, there may be scars – but treat them with pride, as they are signs of an emotional battle that you fought and won.

  • Look your trauma in the face: and confront it without fear
  • Heal your life’s story: with affirmations and mental exercises you can do every day
  • Reconnect with your inner child: and let your childhood wounds heal peacefully
  • Say goodbye to the past: that haunts you and build a mindset that’s focused on your future


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